Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cheap tactics

Do you get tired of the constant advertising flood experienced when operating on the internet? Have you found this insidious disease even attached to words on your own web site or blog?
Additionally, does it bother you to download” free” software only to find it won’t work until you pay a fee – a fee that was never mentioned until after you downloaded..   

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with advertising or charging for software. They are both legitimate business components. Individuals and companies have been advertising forever. And the development of good software takes time and effort; the developer deserves to be paid.

The difference is in the attitude and the approach.

When I go to my blog or web sites and find word links  that I did not put there, and to products and services that have nothing to do with my sites, I get rather irritated. Additionally, no permission was either requested nor granted. It is like someone coming into your store, putting up a sign, setting up their wares, and starting a selling operation without so much as a comment! Or it is similar to someone adding their name to your business card and selling under your organization.

If you run one of these “beat the consumer to death” operations and it feels like I am being harsh, I am. In my opinion, these are totally unethical practices that cheapen everyone involved.

To respond, there are a couple of things I do.

First, if they are on my sites, as soon as they are discovered, I get rid of them. Yes, unfortunately, they will be back, and yes, I will get rid of them again.

Second, as a consumer, I don’t care if they have the greatest products or software, I will never purchase from them. And I mean never!

It is unfortunate to see inappropriate approaches to selling. Many organizations take pride in service and ethical behavior. Unfortunately, some do not; they have replaced it with sleaziness and divisiveness.

Along that same line, although a number of you have expressed the opinion that  my monthly blog is of value, if you, however, you see it as an imposition, just let me know and I will take you off the list.