Monday, April 15, 2013


Effectiveness is a measure of how well we achieve a desired effect or objective. It applies to everything – business, leadership, parenting, relationships, sales, etc. Thus, understanding and applying the principles and the components can be critical in any endeavor.

There are many factors in effectiveness. I have put them under three main headings: focus, process, and people.


Focus is the basis for the total operation. It is the basis for all decisions, and it is present by design or default. That is, if you do not have a focus, you do. As confusing as that might sound, an examination of every operation in every phase of life reveals an all-encompassing movement.

Focus should not be confused with goals. Goals are steps along the way that move toward the focus.

Determining focus is really quite simple. Time allocation and intensity of that time is one measure. Financial commitment and expenditures are also measurements. Goal determination and alignment are another.

For example, researching information for the book The Wrong Bottom Line . . .  Still, I examined a past federal budget. Regardless of the rhetoric and championed projects, expenditures revealed that the military was the very strong leader in the discretionary appropriations. Education, science, and other purported focuses were almost too small to be seen. Examination of the United States federal budget reveals that we are the world’s cops instead of leaders in education. This, of course is just one measure, but it is valid.

Another good appraisal of focus can be obtained by asking employees on what they perceive the  direction of the organization.

Remember, the real focus your organization, operation, or, even the family will be somewhere; you are heading in a direction either by design or default. It is always best to make a thought- through determination so that energy and resources are aligned with where you really want to go.

The other two factors in effectiveness – process and people will be in  later newsletters. They are also available in The Wrong Bottom Line . . . Still.

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