Thursday, January 3, 2013

Never Before Experienced

    Viewing the new powder snow outside my window reminded me that in almost every phase of our organization and our lives, we automatically limit ourselves. What does that have to do with powder snow?

    The powder snow reminded me of my skiing days when it was such a pleasure to find new snow that had never been touched by ski, snow shoe, noisy snow machine, or even a deer or a furry animal. There was no worry about the past – how it had looked yesterday. There was just the glory of that beautiful site and the opportunity it provided within the next few moments.

    In life and in our operation, often we allow past experiences, past habits, past practices, and past failures to play a dominant, even stifling role in new beginnings – in progress. A very wise person noted that every day is a new, untouched opportunity and experience. It is a day that has never been lived – never been touched by anyone, a day that has no limits. That is so profound. Your new day – today – is like that virgin snow.

    Yes, we must reckon with those things that have passed. We have to deal with those situations today that were created yesterday. However, too often we limit our vision, a belief in possibilities, our relationships, our growth, and even our happiness and success by the past.

    Everything on this Earth that we do today has always been possible. Airplanes could always have flown. Spacecraft could always have reached the moon. Computers could always have done what they do. Yesterday’s impossibilities are today’s common practice. There is really nothing new except the visions of the future; living too much in the past limits our vision of the future.

    Were I to work with your group, I would start with two questions: (1) imagine the possibilities in your business/industry in the farthest future; (2) how would you change this organization today and in the future  – no limits – to move toward those possibilities?

    Your next hours, days, and weeks have never been experienced by any human regardless of their education, experience, position, country, or whatever. Each hour is new. We do not have to operate as we always have; we have the power to see and act in new and inspiring ways. Much like Scrooge, modifications can be made that will ultimately transform the future.