Saturday, June 25, 2011

All About People


Welcome to the blog  focused on helping people succeed, and  helping organizations succeed through people.  To those who have followed me on the Examiner, you will note that I will not be sending you any more Examiner connections; I am no longer with them.  I will keep you on my e-mail list for this blog. Of course, any time you wish to have your name removed, you need only ask.

The bottom line is that people are the key to  the success of every organization, business, and enterprise.  In fact, this philosophy  can be summarized in a simple formula: GNSP = HLOS.  That Stands for the Greater Number of Successful People equals the Higher  Level of Organizational Success. I have yet to find an exception to that rule. However, I often find practices and procedures that just do not line up with that formula.

I invite you to review the materials on this blog. You might take a moment and watch the YouTube presentation on The Wrong Bottom Line or read one of the articles on leadership or success.  The article I published in the Examiner a week or two ago called the Rich Get Richer was followed by a very similar  more lengthy article  in the Washington Post  published June 18 (
This concern is becoming – and should be – a national concern.

 I invite your input, suggestions, and opinions.